What We Do

We specialize in harnessing connected industrial objects to provide users with the right data, in the right format, at the right time and for the right purpose!


TECHNILOG offers innovative solutions based on proprietary technologies and on a network of partnerships that we have successfully developed to address the widest range of industrial needs.
With our mix of highly skilled R&D and specialized partnerships we bring an approach and solutions that are adapted to each customer’s business area.


The right data is the data that is precise and relevant. It can come from a wide range of sources, from an isolated probe (IoT) to supervisory applications, via PLCs and NC machine tools. At the core of our solutions it is what pulls everything together and is synonymous with independence and compatibility.

The right format consists, above all, in presenting data homogeneously, making it intelligible (for example, by formatting in consistent units), qualifying, and even

correcting where necessary. This is the function that unifies information so that it can be harnessed.

This means that our mission is also to provide significant data that has content, can transmit alerts, efficiency calculations efficiency, yield, etc. It is all about interpreting data to adapt it to the target business areas.

The right time is the time needed by the application, not by the data acquisition process. Depending on the applications, this time may vary even though the source data is the same. This capacity to reorganise the data enables a range of presentations needs to be met from the same data acquisition for the right purpose.


  • TECHNILOG addresses and accompanies not only end users but integrators too. TECHNILOG’s experience in large-scale projects, acquired over its years as a service provider, translates into a widely open product range and a desire to accompany its customers throughout the project life cycle.

    Finally, TECHNILOG has engaged in strong partnerships with players in its target ecosystems. For our customers, these partnerships are embodied in common commitments to quality and strong functional integration.

    •  Curiosity and a willingness to listen and understand the issues involved in a customer’s project, identify singularities and seek out solutions with our partners. This is the spirit TECHNILOG looks for in its sales and engineering teams.
    • We respect our partnerships: trust is built up over time. TECHNILOG has demonstrated its capacity to approach every aspect of a project to ensure that mutual commitments are realistic.
    •  Team solidarity: when the vendor has committed, there can be no going back! Management, sales and engineering are united in progressing the project towards its successful outcome.
    • Tenacity: whatever problems may arise, we fight on. For TECHNILOG it is a matter of pride to never leave a project in midstream.
  • Technical challenges and innovations come thick and fast. Our offerings constantly have to embrace new purposes and regulations. Industrial IoT, Big Data, Industry 4.0, environmental and energy challenges exert many forms of pressure in the field on to the Road Maps of each of the vendor’s product lines. In an age of non-stop innovation, the R&D budget has to keep pace and accounts for 25% of TECHNILOG’s investment in 2016.

  • TECHNILOG has set itself the goal of offering its products and technologies in different forms: unlimited licence, SaaS, middleware, on-board software, to serve and accompany our customers through whatever strategic choices they decide to make.

    TECHNILOG plans to retain its leadership position in “object communication” to make its solutions available in all business sectors where IoT and control-command are developing.

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