History And Figures

Who are we?

TECHNILOG celebrated its 30th birthday in 2015!

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2016 : the Dev I/O, Web I/O and VIGILIA solutions adapt to the IoT market and integrate the Sigfox and Lora protocols

2015 : Technilog celebrates its 30th anniversary in the company of its historic customers

2012 : Technilog launches the VIGILIA portal in SaaS mode, a supervision solution dedicated to HVAC.

2010 – 2011 : Technilog joins Bacnet and the OPC Foundation and consolidates its investment in R&D (25% of revenue)

2009 : Track’n View – first product of our new range, light client, interconnection

2008 : one of Europe’s biggest remote management portals goes on stream, using Technilog products

2007 : joins Applitude group. Technilog focuses on its core business as a software vendor.

2005 : initialization of a product policy targeting remote management markets.

2002 : Technilog makes rail transport one of its main markets

1990 :initialization of a product policy dedicated to the computerization of production resources in the workshop

1989 : Technilog works with IBM to supervise the implementation of servo-technologies for the stage of the Bastille opera house in Paris.


1985: Foundation of Technilog: a software and services company with a focus on the industrial market



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