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Remote boilerhouse maintenance


VIGILIA is a SaaS solution for heating engineers. It enables maintenance engineers on the move to check the working condition of each boiler house and adjust the settings, where necessary.

SAVINGS : VIGILIA can save up to 15% – 25% of on-site maintenance inspections. Why travel when you can adjust a setting by Smartphone?

SERVICE QUALITY : finding out before the property manager that a temperature or other heating incident has occurred in a building helps to maintain customer trust.

LEGAL AND CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS : Participation clauses and impacts related to COP 21 commitments require accurate control of boiler house installations. VIGILIA provides the tools and resources required to meet customer demands.

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VIGILIA’s strengths


    VIGILIA enables real-time supervision of the values and working parameters of the supervised installation. Data is displayed in the form of graphs and diagrams.


    VIGILIA generates alerts from IoT PLCs by analysing the transmitted data. The alerts are then issued according to duty roster availability and escalation scenarios. 


    Personnel authorised by the operator can act remotely on the operation of the installations (by modifying an instruction, switching a pump, etc.)  


    It is essential to monitor energy consumption in order to measure boiler performance. Vigilia includes a meter management capability and supports the use of equations.

  • Product documentation is one thing. Contact with our pre-sales team to witness a demonstration of our industrial solutions is another. Contact our services and we will show you how we communicate with devices from a range of vendors including Sofrel, Trend, Wit, and Schneider, and how we use the SIFOX and LorA protocols to exchange data with operators.

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