HVAC – Smart Building
We have pooled our energies to meet your performance objectives

HVAC – Smart Building

SMART BUILDING = Control, measurement and performance metrics

To save energy you need solutions capable of interacting in real time with a wide range of local devices (probes, sensors, PLCs, connected objects). TECHNILOG offers its customers and partners the technical resources they need to collect variables and log data, modify instructions, collect meter readings and use this to calculate performance metrics.

Industrial IoT

Whether connected objects are integrated by the operator, the leaser or the private customer, the day-to-day reality of building management systems and more generally, of connected cities will be mediated by communicating objects, distributed according to on-site needs and geography. TECHNILOG harnesses connected objects associated with different operators based on the Sigfox and LoRa protocols.

Different SPONSORS

For a number of reasons – public awareness, top-down regulatory frameworks (COP 21) or contractual reality (participatory clauses) – we are seeing a growing number of compliance projects in France and abroad. TECHNILOG offers technologies that enable engineers on the move to control and reduce energy consumption and urban transport by remotely controlling buildings and engineering structures from wherever their mobile job commitments take them.

Our references in the water and environment sector

  • 8 April 2016

    A luxury hotel in Paris uses VIGILIA

    NordTherm, the company responsible for operating the hotel’s boiler room enjoys the benefits delivered by the VIGILIA solution day-to-day. Engineers can modify instructions remotely, cutting out the need to travel.

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